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About R2

What is the Register of Tree Work Operatives (R2)

For many years the arboriculture industry has been in discussion around developing a professional register for workers to record and demonstrate their skill, knowledge and experience. A register that would also enable clients to identify individuals and teams that have the required skills to undertake the work they’re being asked to do. R2 is due to be launched at the end of the year.

Leaders from across the arboriculture industry have now come together in a drive to progress these discussions and have launched this new and exciting project as the Register of Tree Work Operatives (R2). The register will have a set of graded job titles in a progressive structure. For each job there will be pre-defined set of criteria across three areas; task specific experience, qualifications and training and time served within the industry. Before moving up to the next grade, all of the pre-requisite criteria must be attained and the relevant time served.

How it benefits businesses

An online tool for your employees to record their training, experience and skills making it easier to manage your workforce and reduce administration time and cost
Easily identify any training or skills gaps within your workforce
Demonstrate the breadth of skills within the team
Demonstrate a competent workforce when tendering for new work contracts
Aids in the recruitment and retention of suitably skilled and experienced operatives
Provides a motivational tool for individuals to progress
Professionalise your company and the arboriculture industry
Find suitable training courses and qualifications for your employees on CourseFinder.

How it benefits individuals

Gain professional recognition for your skills, experience and training
Get work more easily: the tool can help you demonstrate you have the right skills, experience and training to access various types of arboricultural work
Makes you and your skills more visible to employers
Create a CV using the simple CV builder Professionalise your industry by being part of the register for tree work operatives
Easily plan and route map your future career
Find suitable training courses and qualifications on CourseFinder to help you progress